Lesson Plan Study
Lesson planning begins with a mission statement.  After you have a clear well defined mission statement, it will be obvious what you and your students will need to do to achieve your mission and how to determine achievement.

You will soon be able to go directly to the Lesson Plan Generator. It will be then that you will only need your favorite search engine, text, teacher's manual and whatever else you and your colleagues agreed upon. 

Your lesson plans you used previously will continue to be a resources.  The difference is that now you have a L
esson Plan Generator.

If you are new to lesson plan writing, then skip to Part B for a lesson plan writing lesson.  Otherwise, you will only need Part A.

Part A

You need to know you mission statement before you begin because it effects your answers that will be asked by the Lesson Plan Generator
. In other words, you need to know in advance what you what your students to learn.  Knowing that, you are ready to use the Lesson Plan Generator.

Ready to write a lesson plan?  If the answer is yes, then click here Lesson Plan Generator.

Part B

Three lesson plan forms: 

1.  Theme based lesson plans. (Thematic lesson plans)

2.  Behavioral objective based lesson plans.

3.  Mixed:  General thematic objective with specific behavioral objectives.

Your Classroom Textbook

The textbooks authors have organized your text and associated materials so they fit either a full or half school year.  The table of contents is also an outline of the text that can later be used as a course outline.   

The text preface contains the school of psychology it is based upon.  If it is based upon behaviorism, the preface will state that the text is a behavioral approach to the subject and through out the text you will find behavioral objectives.

Lesson Plan Objectives/Goals (objectives and goals are synonymous)

Syllabus:  A summary of main topics of a course of study.

Objectives take one of two forms:  thematic or behavioral.  However, they can be mixed or hierarchal.

Thematic objectives can be thought of as a general high-level objective that functions as a general guide, where as the behavioral and learning objective is specific.

Your lesson planning approach is effected by school policy.  So, you must determine school administration's expectation. 

A Lesson Plan white paper that explains the lesson plan writing process is available from here.  Click here to download the PDF version.

Are you ready to write a lesson plan?  If yes, then click the Lesson Plan Generator.