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If you already know how to execute a search, then skip to the bottom of the page and select a search engine.

How to Execute an Internet Search

A search engine will expect you to enter a keyword string. A keyword string can be one word or several.

Your search will not give you the desired results unless you enter a keyword string that is specific to what you want to find. If you are not sure what keywords to use, then go off-line after you read this page and create a list of keywords. Sign-on again and return to this point.


Keyword strings consist of one or more words. You must place a keyword string in a white box. DON'T type a sentence. such as: I am looking for information about education. DO type a string of words: education resources, elementary science lesson plans, 6th grade lesson plans, American history, teaching career, teaching. [A keyword string can be only one word.] Experiment with these keyword strings,  then create your own keywords and see if you get want you wanted.  If you didn't, then you may have not had a purpose for your search and consequently, the results do not have meaning.  It get right back to planning.  If you don't have a plan based on a purpose, then the end result will lack meaning.  The keywords I gave you gave you a lot of results.  But, I doubt if they had any meaning to you.  There purpose was just to let you experience what would happen after you pressed enter.

Too many results?

D0N'T panic, if you have 36,389 or more possibilities. The hits are arranged with the most relevant matches first: evaluate the first ten. You will likely find your answer there. If its not there, then refine your search or try another search engine.

Refine Your Search

Refining a search may be as simple as adding an adjective, using a synonym, changing the word order or creating a different string of keywords.

Too few results?

Try replacing your keyword string with a different keyword string. DON'T give up. These are powerful tools and they will give you what you want with a little persistence.

If you don't find what you are looking for with one search engine, then try another.

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